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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"Gimme Some Truth...."
- John Lennon

See the following article from yesterday's Washington Post.

If Bush were honest enough to admit that he joined the Guard to avoid the Vietnam war, as the Post writer did, I'd be willing to let it go. If he were brave enough to admit he hated the Vietnam War as most of our generation did, I'd let it go. But he claims to have been then and to be now a hawk. And if I hear one more neocon apologist say "9/11 changed everything" to excuse Bush and all the other chicken hawks who dodged Vietnam through one means or another and now feel smug and self-righteous about sending poor kids off to die for "democracy" (read world's second largest supply of oil reserves), I'm gonna spew chunks in his general direction.

9/11 made the US part of the global debate on what kind of world we want - one run by fanatics driven by religious mania and closed minded, murderous hatred of anyone unlike them or one of rational, thoughtful acceptance or rejection of differences in others based on principles like fairness and freedom to pursue personal happiness if not at the expense of others. It should not be an excuse to pursue personal or financial interests as the Iraq war seems to be.

I protested the bogus Vietnam war and avoided the draft. I have encouraged my college aged sons to do the same with this bogus war. If they need help to get to Canada, I'll help. I'm damned if I'll let them be sent to war by a liar who used the Guard to avoid military duty in Vietnam but wants every mother's son to go die for him in Iraq to enrich Halliburton and other energy companies. See the above "not at the expense of others" thing....

Not everything should be about money.

Most especially war....

Okay, you can stop laughing now....

If politicians want to tell the truth, I'll listen to them. If they lie, as Bush has about his real reasons for joining the Guard then and for invading Iraq now, they can kiss my liberal, latte drinking, Utne Reader subscribing, XM radio listening ass if they think I'll excuse their duplicity....


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