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Friday, February 06, 2004

"Oh Captain, My Captain..."

Captain Kangaroo was everybody's favorite show.

Mostly True Story:

The Captain used to have characters on his show including one called the
Watermelon Man. This character came out in a big coat and began by
taking out of his coat and handing Mr Green Jeans and whomever else was
a guest apples, peaches, pears, etc. This led to other, larger fruit
and ultimately to watermelons being pulled out of his coat. Eventually
all the fruit was loaded into a wagon that also came out of his coat.
All this was accompanied by the WM calling out "Woooooow" in a kind of
yodel/ hog call.

Back in the misty days of middle earth rock, our rhythm guitarist,
Mike, used to occasionally wear onstage one of those infantry trenchcoats. One night as we started onto the stage for a show he loaded it with beer and stuff and, when he got out on stage, began handing out the beer and goodies to audience members, all the time imitating the WM's "woooow" as he did so.

It got to be such a part of the act at one point that people would yell for the Watermelon Man. We kept talking about writing to the Captain to tell him about Mike, but we never did.

I haven't felt sorry that we didn't for a long time, but I do today.

We loved you, Captain.


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