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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Stuck Inside a Cloud
George Harrison

"You say it's your birthday?"

I don't feel like writing this.

I don't feel like doing a lot of stuff these days.

It's not a good time in America.

We have a cocky, spoiled, Napoleonic President who cares about war more than people, about money more than people, about some narrowly defined racist, sexist, Puritanical version of God more than people.

We have corporate bastards who rob their companies blind and leave the people who helped make those companies successful holding worthless stock that they were counting on to help educate kids, live in dignity in retirement, care for aging parents. And these crooks seem to get little or no punishment for their behavior.

We have a culture that elevates image over substance, personal ambition over statesmanship, cliques over communities, posturing over art, and celebrity over every damned thing.

It's hard to believe in anything or anyone.

I have things I believe in. Here are a few of the most important in no particular order:

1.I believe that love can save the world.

2.I believe that the Beatles were the band – no use trying to argue with me over whether they were the best band, or the greatest band, or any other bullshit. I believe they were the band. If you don't see it that way, go your way in peace and love.

3.I believe that fly fishing is a balm to the human soul and proof that God wants me to be happy.

This piece is not supposed to be about any of this. It's about a birthday. It's about
George's birthday.

Yeah, it's February. And George's birthday is this month.

I'm thinking of February 25.

Wait a minute, you're saying. Washington's birthday is February 22. Or was until Federal bureaucrats conned us into thinking that some indeterminate date between the 12th (Lincoln's b'day) and the 22nd would serve us all better. President's Day, my ass.

President's Day only serves all the jerks who ski. Yes, I ski.

The 25th of February 2004 would be George Harrison's birthday.

He'd be 61 years old.

George Harrison was a man of peace. George believed love could save the world.

George is gone. He's been gone since November 2001. I miss him.

No, I don't know if the better half of the Beatles is gone. I go back and forth on that kind of
stuff. It's past arguing, really.

And in these times, these bad, confused, angry, sad times, George's messages of love, hope, solace, courage, tolerance, and acceptance offer a comfort and reassurance that I, for one, sorely need.

I Dig Love.

Isn't it a Pity?

What is Life?

Beware of Darkness.

Hear Me, Lord.

Awaiting on You All.

All Things Must Pass.

Within You, Without You

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Those are song titles, boys and girls. Song titles as messages. Song titles as truth.

You know, I was wrong earlier.

George isn't gone

And you know this, if you know his work.

"Life goes on within you and without you...."

Let's celebrate George.

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