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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

March Madness

"...And so be true to your school...."
Brian Wilson

I have a couple of good friends with whom I talk hoops. One is a UNC fan. The other is a Wake Forest fan. I'm a Duke fan.

Yes, we're talking ACC hoops. I'm from North Carolina. There's a state law. Like for smoking....

Anyway, about this time of year, my Carolina friend goes berserk. (For those of you not in the linguistic know, "berserk" is an old Norse term meaning "I've lost all sense of perspective.")

Anyway, he just sent me a picture of a boy about 10 years old watching the MD-Duke ACC tournament final Sunday. He's a Duke fan and he's upset because Maryland has won the game. He's hanging on to his dad for comfort.

He evidently thought this was an amusing practical joke aimed at his otherwise sane friend who's a Blue Devil fan. I know he meant it in good fun. He's a dear friend.

I, on the other hand, was taken back to early 1963. I watched Duke lose in the national semi finals of the NCAA's to Loyola of Chicago.

Though we were watching on TV, like the kid in the picture, tears came and I stood by my dad's chair. He's the guy who made me a Duke fan. Like the dad in the picture, he comforted me as best he could even through his own pain.

The experience made me love my dad and Duke even more.

Even through the difficulties of adolescence in the late sixties and early seventies when we were far apart on every other issue of importance for parent and child, our love of the Blue Devils united us.

It does to this day.

Thanks for the picture, bro. And for the memory.



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