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Friday, September 17, 2004

And the Good of This is...?

"Well, c'mon, all you big strong men...."
Country Joe McDonald

David Broder's column in The Washington Post yesterday about how vets see Iraq was certainly touching and thought provoking. But right now there's a political fight going on...my response to that column below:

What does this translate into concerning the election? I appreciate these folks speaking up, however softly, but the groundswell against this mess won't happen until midway through Bush's second term. Our economy, environment, and civil liberties will be even more damaged by then....

I'm not interested in sentimental stuff like this - I'm interested in ideas that might win this election for Kerry to see if he can somehow extricate us from the Iraq debacle, address the budget deficit before it plunges us into financial ruin and makes it necessary for everyone to work until he/she drops dead, and stop the undoing of environmental protections that are increasing pollution and environmental degradation at a rate unprecedented since the '60's - before there was environmental legislation.



Blogger Sam said...

Of course, Kerry can't get any coverage for any ideas he MIGHT have because the press is fixated on documents that may or may not have been typed in 1971. Which is all a dodge - we KNOW Dubya ducked, we KNOW Kerry served, and while being a hypocritical cocksucker isn't a good thing, it also doesn't have any real bearing on why things are as bad as they are and getting worse.

If the election is about 2004 Kerry wins. If it's about 1971, Bush wins and the rest of us lose.

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September 17, 2004 at 3:41 PM  

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