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Friday, September 17, 2004

Circuses and Bread...

"...I think I need a Lear Jet...."
Roger Waters

My friend, rock critic Kandia Crazy Horse, passed along some info on the Rolling Stones' release (finally) of Rock and Roll Circus and a reunion of the Black Crowes. As usual, I had something smartassed to say:

Have seen R&R CIRCUS a number of times (I taped it off VH-1 back when they seemed to have an interest in rock programming beyond being the recycle bin for old MTV programming).

I understand the Stones' reluctance at the time. They come off poorly compared to the Who....

The Dirty Mac, the ad hoc band with Lennon, Clapton, Richards, and Mitch Mitchell (an underappreciated drummer) was interesting (nice cover of "Yer Blues"), but then John insisted they had to do a number with Yoko and you can see in Eric's and Keith's faces, "God, get me through this...."

Mostly, it's a nice historical document. Now if Paul would allow the release of Let It Be, we'd be getting somewhere.

As for the Crowes, the moment has passed. They'll do good work, but no one will care (except us snobs). Nor will anyone care until the revolution comes and Rolling Stone crapazine, MTV (all 78 channels), and each and every media conglomerate is no more.(Insert my [and quite likely your] hysterical laughter, tinged with some genuine pain here....)



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