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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Ghost of Agnew....

"I wanna be sedated...."
Joey Ramone

I can't get Spiro Agnew out of my mind right now.

See the following column by Maureen Dowd in yesterday's New York Times. I fully expect Kerry and Edwards to come marching up Pennsylvania Avenue anytime now waving a white flag and conceding an election that hasn't been held.

I read this stuff, the mewling and puking of Broder (see previous entry), this nonsense by Dowd - and Agnew's old quote comes back to haunt me, in a context far different from the one in which he used the term: "nattering nabobs of negativity."

Now, I freely admit that I'm a card carrying member of another of his targets - I'm a poster boy for the "effete intellectual snobs." But at least I'm willing to continue the fight, lost cause though it might be.

"Oh, hell, what have we here..." as the Prince of Morocco once said - I wonder how much of this is nothing but the elegiac Southerner in me coming out....



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