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Monday, September 20, 2004

Strange Days, Indeed....

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these...."
John Lennon

Yesterday afternoon I went out and played music with a bunch of guys for the first time.

I was terrified.

Even though I play music with my sons and in my home studio all the time, I hadn't gone out and played without at least one of the guys I'd played in bands with along in about 30 years.

It was a weird feeling.

The group was a bunch of physicians. I happened into the bunch because the drummer is the father of the drummer of my sons' band DoCo. We had three guitar players who sounded at war with other at times, the drummer bashing away, and me plonking along on bass.

It was fun, it was loud, it was pretty chaotic - it wasn't anything that anyone but the guys playing would have enjoyed.

We're supposed to begin doing it on a regular basis. We'll see about that - but it was enjoyable just to play with guys who wanted to play.

Hail, hail, rock and roll, as the man said....



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