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Friday, October 01, 2004

Red and Blue

"You say yes/I say no...."
Sir Paul McCartney

The Seattle Times offers an editorial concerning last night's first presidential debate that contains a sentence that really set me thinking:

"Here is a radical idea: Suspend the rest of these expensive, bloated campaigns and have the candidates spending more time in front of Americans talking — together."

What a great idea. That could make this a real election based on honest differences over issues - not an advertising campaign for each candidate.

Don't look for it to happen. In this Age of Surfaces (I'm going to write about this concept extensively here shortly), this would allow us to decide between candidates based on our ability to decode them as men, as politicians, as leaders. Political parties and mass media have long since decided that we, the American people, can't be trusted to make those sorts of vitally important civic decisions without their manipulating candidates' images and messages as well as our ability to discover, analyze, and assess the truth behind those images and messages.

(For more deep thoughts on the debate, go see Sam Smith's excellent analysis at The Lullaby Pit....)


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